Major Changes!
August 6, 2002

Move Into the World of Computers with Emmanuel College

It is no secret that careers in computers are booming. Almost 2/3 of all high school students have a computer in their home. These students are increasing the demand for quality Information Systems degree programs at colleges and universities all over the nation. Recognizing this demand, Emmanuel College began their own Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems in the 2001-2002 academic year.

The B.S. in Information Systems program at Emmanuel blends computing, networking, programming, and business administration into a curriculum designed to prepare students for a leadership role in technology. In addition, our degree program provides students with a broad curriculum of computer information systems courses taught in multimedia facilities using the most current technologies, such as high-speed Internet access, cutting-edge development software, and hands-on laboratories.

Whether your career will be in technology management, database administration, programming, or systems analysis and design, Emmanuel College can help you prepare for your future!


Kinesiology…It Might Be More than You Think!

Many students may be looking for a degree in Kinesiology and not even know it! Though the name sometimes confuses people at first, the program more than speaks for itself!

Kinesiology at Emmanuel College is broken down into two concentrations, Sports Management and Exercise Science. Students who specialize in Sports Management receive a strong background in sports plus a useful business component allowing them to develop skills that enable them to qualify for management positions in organized sports. Students specializing in Exercise Science get the same background in sports, but with an emphasis on wellness and care for injuries, allowing them to seek careers related to health and wellness in schools, community, or business.

Upon receiving their degree in Kinesiology, students may go on to pursue a career as an Athletic Director, Athletic Trainer, Exercise Leader, Golf Course Manager, Health Club Manager, or Physical Therapist.

School of Christian Ministries: Same Message, Different Curriculum

The goal of the School of Christian Ministries (SCM) is to provide the highest academic quality coupled with superior practical ministry experience in order to create the best possible program for students to prepare themselves for effective ministry within God’s kingdom.

Beginning this year, the SCM will offer one Baccalaureate degree that will include a concentration in one of three areas: Pastoral Ministries, Youth Ministries, or Missions. Each student in the SCM will take the same core curriculum that includes classes in Bible, Theology, Ministry, and Spiritual Formation before moving into their chosen concentration and semester-long internship.

The SCM internship is quite unique among Christian colleges. It allows students to work in the area of their interest while remaining under supervision. This gives students the opportunity to integrate classroom learning with practical ministry.

While Pastoral Ministries, Youth Ministries, and Missions will now fall under the same degree program, the SCM will continue to offer Worship and Music Ministry as separate majors.


Emmanuel Expands Education Program

While Emmanuel has long enjoyed a tradition of excellence in the Early Childhood and Middle Grades Education Programs, a growing interest in Secondary Education spurred the decision to add this major in the Spring of 2002.

Students enrolled in the Secondary Education program can choose from English Education, Social Science Education, Music Education, Business Education, or Math Education for their area of concentration.

Upon receiving their degree in Secondary Education, students will be certified to teach in their selected area of concentration for seventh through twelfth grades.

“I am very excited about this new program,” says Dr. Teresa Sorrells, Professor of Social Science Education. “We’ve had several students express interest in the program and we can now serve them and the community by being the salt to the earth all the way from kindergarten to twelfth grade. I believe this will grow to be one of our largest programs yet.”

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